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People choose Linode because they demand a better customer support experience. Other cloud providers de-prioritize support in pursuit of lowering costs and maximizing revenues. Linode's independence and mission drive us to a different standard, where the customer is the driving force behind everything we do.

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Kevin Howard Goldberg

Solid, reliable, good customer service.

Solid, reliable, good customer service.
I've been with Linode for many years.I don't think they are the cheapest but I have had consistently solid performance on their servers and when there have been issue, they respond quickly and tech support has been very good. Nothing is perfect, but I continue to use them for all my cloud-based development needs.

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Overall great, amazing network speed

Overall they offer a great service, I am testing their VPS with dedicated CPU, it is fast and reliable.
Their network speed is insanely fast, and they don't limit you when you get traffic spikes (like other providers do unfortunately), I ran an Ookla SpeedTest and it shown 5 Gbps download and 4 Gbps upload. So network hardly has any limits.

Another thing I like is that they don't allow their customers to be pushed around by abusive complaints, that is how it should be. When someone makes a complaint, they only give course if the initiator has proper documents and complies to all laws. Other provides simply disable your account if complaints were received (valid or not), which is absurd.

They only problem I had was that, by default it didn't provide enough protection against unauthorized logins to my account. A confirmation link by email would be nice when new device logs in. I recommend everyone to enable 2 factor authentication.

I personally would need ~50% more monthly total traffic but this is OK too.

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Andrey Vasilyev

0.000% downtime in 9 years on a lowest tariff

9 years ago I've started the VDS (lowest tariff, $20/mon at that times, now $5/mon) at Linode.
So far 0.000% downtime. Excellent.

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William Lawn Stewart

Reliable and great customer service

I've been with Linode for nearly 5 years. Their services are easy to use, reliable, performant and affordable.

Recently I upgraded one of my Linodes and experienced worse performance on the more powerful host. I contacted Linode Support who were extremely responsive and helpful in working with me to resolve the issue.

It was the most positive support experience I have ever had with any company by a significant margin, and on this basis (and the other points above) I would strongly recommend Linode.

I should note I am a software engineer, so I can't evaluate the support experience for those less technically able. Personally I loved that the support reps clearly know their stuff and it was possible to have a meaningful technical conversation about what was going on.

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Ohad Dahan

Great site

Great site, good price, quality management system and reliable services.

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Bithi Sunny

I like there new XEON GOLD server

I like there new XEON GOLD server , i got very good performance ( 4GB Ram Plan) compare to my DO 4GB Server.

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Bobby Wibowo

Great service & uptime

Great service & uptime. Professional control panel. I recall the beta version of the panel was was also working towards even better & modern design.

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Great service and uptime

Great service and uptime. Highly recommended.

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The little cloud provider who could

Fast, solid performance, been using them for 2 year and have nothing to complain about.

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Jay Jorden
01/12/2019 sells a reliable product sells a reliable product, with solid customer support. I have not seen the virtual hosts experience performance 'brownouts' like some other low cost providers. For advanced users, disk drive encryption is available.

Pricing and feature set are comparable to Digital Ocean, Vultr, Upcloud. In this market category, the prices are less than, and the features are fewer than, huge providers like Amazon, Azure, Google. However, reliability and service are still very suitable for most production purposes. (And far, far better than ultra-cheap "toy" providers like ssdnodes.)

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Alex Zhiv

I'm pleased.

I've been a costumer for over 6 years and have multiple servers hosted with them. Downtimes are very rare and don't last long. Support requests are answered quickly and professionally. I haven't had a reason to complain yet.

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Richard PJ

Have used Linode for 2 years.

Have used Linode for 2 years.

They are cheap and have a good range of VPS locations.
API is easy to use.
Bandwidth is excellent, was running a Litecoin + Bitcoin full node with no issues on a $10 a month instance.

I love that they have Arch Linux available too

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Garry (GazCBG)

5 out of 5

I have 3 VPS's with linode 2 in the UK and one in USA.
Stable network and VPS's at a great price.

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Great provider.

I am using linode for several years now for hosting several websites on self managed servers. Never had a problem that was not resolved within hours. Great provider!

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Mr Lewis Cowles

We moved to DigitalOcean

Linode was not bad, we just found it hard to use as IT professionals and a little clunky. This review is from 2014, so things may have changed, but it was not turn-key enough for us and we never got our LXC containers to route through to our MySQL so we killed the eval.

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Shriti Gupta

Very good

We have been using linode for almost 1 year now, their support and uptime is very good.

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Lasse Havelund

Fantastic products, amazing customer service

Products are continuously updated at no extra charge, support tickets are answered within seconds or minutes, and staff is always helpful.

I would recommend Linode to anyone looking to host a server -- they manage to cram the best services, prices and support into one convenient package.

No reservations.

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Henrik Strøm

Best customer service ever

I have been using Linode for a couple of years - it's one of my best product experiences ever.
A few times I have opened a ticket with the Helpdesk - minutes later they get back to you with a qualified answer.
The Linode servers do what they promise - nothing less.

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Guang Tang

Superior customer service

Submit a support ticket? Get an answer a couple of minutes later.
Need changes for you account? Done a couple of minutes later.

This is outstanding!

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Robin S

Very poor reliability in 2020

Very poor reliability, lack of technical expertise, poor customer service.

I have been a customer of Linode's for over 10 years, and for a long time was very happy with their service. But in the last few months (mid 2020) I have been experiencing unacceptable amounts of downtime (from periods of minutes to hours) due to network problems in one of Linode's datacenters, and have had additional downtime due to large amounts of "emergency maintenance" on my servers and Linode's network infrastructure.

This has exposed two things. Firstly that they are technically out of their depth - after months they have still not solved the infrastructure problems in the datacenter. Secondly it has exposed how weak their customer service system is, and how poor their communication is. All they are interested in is trying to cover up their own incompetence, which has wasted a lot of time for me.

The trust and confidence built up over 10+ years has been completely and irrevocably wiped out for me by my experience in the last few months, and on the back of that Linode deserve a one star review.

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Terrible Performance

The performance of their VPS servers is a joke. Even if you use 64GB dedicated CPU plan, it's absolutely garbage compared to Vultr, DigitalOcean. Run some GeekBench and you wil know that. Just avoid this sh**

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Bijan Massoumi

If your application requires high…

If your application requires high uptime don't use Linode. In the 3 months I used Linode, they abruptly shutdown my machines and migrated them to different hardware multiple times. Prices are lower than others, but you get what you pay for

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Essex Recording Studios

Facilitates Anonymous attacks on…

Facilitates Anonymous attacks on people! Morally bankrupt company that allows its services to be used to stage anonymous attacks on private individuals and small family businesses. I was a victim of their unethical business practices and have had many attacks originating from their client. They refused to respond to my complaint for a month. Their final answer was call the police if you don't like it. Absolutely disgusting company that is not to be trusted and should be avoided at all costs

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Eco stan

Permits SPAM

Linode permits SPAM to be sent over it's network and does nothing to stop it.

Please be responsible and stop it. And resolve the mentioned issue with

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Johnny W

I don't want to say its scam but their…

I don't want to say its scam but their action so far led me to reach the conclusion that this company is scam.

I registed last week and interestingly, after I complete the payment, I am unable to login to my account. Password reset doesn't work. Contacted support and no reply even until now.

To put it simple:
They took my money.
They lockdown my account.
They provide no support.

It sucks.

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Leah Farrell

Permits SPAM to be sent over it's …

Permits SPAM to be sent over it's network and does nothing to stop it. As an ISP we have today blocked ALL traffic from Linode for this reason

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M. Tee

Pesky sign up process

I signed up for a contract. First awkward surprise: they want me to send passport and credit card copies. Say again? Nobody ever asked me this for a measly 10$/a month.. Second awkward surprise: The link they provided to send my passport copy to, does not accept attachments of 1.1MB... Get your act together! At this point it was time to vote with my feet: walk away.

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Tanja Sørensen

I have been a costumer for at least 5 …

I have been a costumer for at least 5 years and have actually allways recommended linode over other vps providers.

But I have to say that have changed from this year. There have been to many server migrations where your server is forced over to another server, and the server is not just frozen moved and then unfrozen. No they close your server so it's not in the same state as when before the migration.

And also they have changed so just because you are on a plan where you pay monthly then you don's have access to all there vps tiers.

So everything looks like that the way linode is going now in the long run that is for old costumers, change your account or find another provider

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Simon Isaksen

SCAM only exist to scam money

I bought a linode server for $ 10 to run voice server and suddenly got a message that my server was in a DDoS attack where I quickly got formatted everything. and changed all the passwords, and then I voice server again , 14 days after I get a bill for $ 140 because of the attacks which i am in no way a part of. and they can not tell me anything other than it is because of the attack i got the charge for $ 140 .. so if you want to lose all your money , you must sign up here . otherwise stay away

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