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We are a diverse team and what brings us together is an unwillingness to blend in. We continually push ourselves to stay ahead of the curve as we recognize the longer-term implications of accelerating technology and its ability to transform the world around us. Our values bring us together and enable us to stay at the top of our game and deliver best-in-class services to our customers.

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Centos
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Debian

Control Panels

  • CPanel
  • DirectAdmin


  • Unmanaged

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Fredrik Sandgren

Very cheap servers with good performance

Very cheap servers with good performance

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Ken Harrington

Best Performance I've seen in 15yrs

This is the first time I've used an unmanaged VPS. It's hard for me to review their service because I've never needed their help. But I am kicking myself for not moving to them sooner. Their prices are the best I've seen, and I've never had such great performance, by any host, in the last 15 years.

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Started using Servercheap a few years…

Started using Servercheap a few years ago and never had any problems, incredible service!

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Great VPS from

I've been a customer for a couple of months and have had no issues with my VPS. Control panel and OS reinstalls work great.

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Very good service

very good service, bought my server for very cheap and till now, not a single lag, crash, anything, fast as hell internet, unlimited bandwidth, cheap prices, the whole pack! im hosting my discord bot on it for the last 2 months and its just great.not a single problem.

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Voldymyr Rozdolsky

I like the price

I like the price. So fare is good.

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Petter Sandgren



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Cccamtv & dish news

Hello sir

Hello sir
Your service is world of best service..
But your price is too high...
I use 1 gb server but its price too high sir my only one request please only 1gb vps price go down 2 USD DOLLER
please i hope you help me i m your old customer...

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Abraham Ibarra

AmazCheap and best vps

Amazing VPS provider

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David Burrows

Great Hosting company.

Great Hosting company.
Not for those who fear the CLI

Will fix your issues quickly if you have any but that is rare.
Provide them as much information as possible about the issue and how to replicate it if you want supper fast turn around.

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Our VPS has been up and running for a…

Our VPS has been up and running for a few months now and is working great! We had some initial setup challenges because our VPS required a custom setup, but the ServerCheap people were very helpful in helping us work through theses issues. Thank you guys!

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Web Guy

It is great so far

It is great so far. No problems and downtime.

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Roxy Divell


I was nervous about updating my CSR and it's all been much easier than I feared -- so far so good. Many thanks!

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I'm really sad you discontinued the…

I'm really sad you discontinued the OpenVZ VPSs. They are just what i need for very low load. KVM are just too expensive and resource consuming.

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The greatest, most affordable VPS!!

The greatest and most affordable VPS hosting provider out there! Excellent customer service experience as well.

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Ed Ellingham

Great support with amazing pricing!

I honestly wish they'd change their name, because it causes people to underestimate the quality of the product. I've tried so many VPS providers over the years and no one provides the quality of support that ServerCheap does. Most VPS providers provide zero support, but these guys are amazing. The servers are reliable and fast and I couldn't be happier.

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Skye Magrath

The best hosting provider I’ve ever had

Nothing more to say

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Ben Way (Silverware)

Pretty good hosting

Pretty good hosting, little hastle. Some network slowness and issues lately.
For the price however, not a bad service. Definitely one of the better hosting services for their lowest tier VMs.

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Jose Rocha

It's a very good service

It's a very good service. I recommend.

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During using servercheap (maybe more than 2 years) I am very happy with their service, besides the price offered is very cheap, the speed of their server is also quite good.

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Minh H?ng

Great service !

Great service !

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ServerCheap Customer

Very Satisfied

Great price, easy setup, helpful support. Would like more flexibility on VPS OS options, but their available option list is big enough that it’s not a major issue.

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I've been using servercheap for a year…

I've been using servercheap for a year now and all my projects site is stable and the performance is excellence.

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Daryl Farahi Kurniawan

Best VPS Best Provider

i like buy vps on servercheap cheap and fast, support is responsive

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Good experience for a quick prototype

Wanted a server for a quick prototype. Worked really well for the use case.

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György Csala

Best US VPS provider in overall price / performance !

I missed one key thing: to be able to change the keyboard layout of VNC viewer.
Otherwise, everything is kickingly good. I'm sure you can hardly find better, especially if growing systems is an aspect.
I know actually all VPS providers of English speaking nature. Both in US and Europe.

I've tested Servercheap in the past weeks and altogether I can give the 2. place from amongst all VPS providers in US and Europe in price/performance evaluation. (There only one which is even much cheaper. But servers are located in EU.)

My tests make Servercheap the "Best US VPS provider". For general purpose of computing, it is certainly true.
You should know that I've been in software development for 30+ years and I really know what to test and how.

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Best value/price ratio

Best value/price ratio, no any issues.

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Aaron R

Very good service and support, but always opportunities to improve.

Not the best VPS' options (lack of minimal templates) but still great support and excellent performance on their KVM products! I was about to move to another service provider, but after only 1 week with the new provider, I was already being let down by the service... whereas, I'd had over 1 year of pretty much hassle-free service with Servercheap,NET.

I'm pleased to be able to recommend them to anyone who's looking for both development servers or production servers.

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Good hoster.

Use this hosting 1 mo. Had no probleps.

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Servercheap 6 core OpenVZ user

Excellent service

Excellent service

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Cheap and excellent performance

Cheap and excellent performance. Never got disappointed.

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I once got a problem so my account has…

I once got a problem so my account has been suspended. But they did the problem solving for me. Thank you very much

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Junior Francisco

Cheap but Massive

Yahh the price is very cheap and affordable but the performance is massive.

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Good Enough

It's not the best service, of the best hardware, but it is the best price.

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Great network

Great network, great support. Using for a production site and everything's performing as expected.

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I love servercheap service bcz…

I love servercheap service bcz servercheap is most fast and cheap and good services i love it and i request please dont shut down your company and your services i like it very much

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Lacamora Oujdiii'

Really a good service !!

Really a good service !!
Support is available 24/24 and they helped me a lot
I recommend them for you

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May have "cheap" in the name, but not at all "cheap" with quality of service!

I say it time and time again that these guys should change their name because having "cheap" in their name truly doesn't reflect the quality of services they provide. Inexpensive, yes, but not "cheap"!

I've been with Server Cheap for going on two years now, and during that time their support has been wonderful, uptime is generally 100% every single month, and overall server performance is great. One time there was a couple hour outage in a morning, but their support was very transparent and open with me about what had happened, and had it fixed as quick as they could.

In contrast, I like to try out lots of low cost VPS providers when I need a server for various personal projects. Having tried many, many other providers in this price range, I can say that Server Cheap remains the ONLY one who I continue to renew my services with because of their outstanding uptime and server quality. Most others in this price range struggle to keep uptime in the 90% range at all, and have some of the worst support you'll ever deal with.

Kudos to the folks at Server Cheap. Please continue to do what you're doing and keep your customers top of mind when providing quality support and services. When the time permits, I will happily buy more from you.

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Ji?í Zettel


I have been using OpenVZ 1 plan for 4 months. I have had no problems with the VPS until now. Customer service is also very fast and helpful.

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Giovanni Della Cagna


Excellent – no reservations! I would recommend ServerCheap to anyone. For the same price you, you get double the performance compared to their competitors.

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Great VPS i´ve bieng used about 5 month…

Great VPS i´ve bieng used about 5 month without any probleme.

Thank you.ServerCheap.NET

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Sheldon Furst

Reliable, fast servers, and helpful service

I futzed around for a couple of years with cheapo hosting companies (both VPS and KVM). Everything was usually good for a couple of months but then the server would get overloaded, response time would be terrible, and I'd spend days complaining.

Switched to ServerCheap about 18 months ago. They weren't much more expensive but it was a whole different experience. Rarely experience downtime, and usually only for a minute or two. Server is snappier than any of my previous companies and has remained consistently so. Have only had to contact customer service once and they got right back to me.

Don't mess around like I did.

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Cameron Clough

I have been using Servercheap for years…

I have been using Servercheap for years and have yet to experience a problem. The uptime has been 100% as far as I can remember and there aren't any issues with the performance of their KVM servers. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Hanlet Jhoan Holguin German

Excellent company with best support

excellent company with best support

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Gihan Ramanayaka

VPS hosting experience

My recommendation for a great and reliable VPS hosting provider is ServerCheap.NET. It’s a secured, affordable and highly scalable web hosting solution. Already using them host my sites and absolutely satisfied with them. Great uptime and support when I need it and following unique features were observed with the experience of

Performance: This manage and monitor the servers completely so that you get the best performance.'s one of top priority is security of your data.

Technical Assistance: In case of any issue there must be an expert technical team to solve the problems quickly


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Colby Richmond

Nearly one year very strong! A+ Hosting!

Been with ServerCheap.NET for nearly a year now, Best low price VPS I've found yet. Support has been great and I've had no downtime sept for hardware updates awhile back. Originally I was only needing a VPS for a few months, I'm so happy I found ServerCheap.NET

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Liu yun

ServerCheap.NET is trustworthy

With ServerCheap.NET for almost 1 year, the machine performance is stable, almost no stop, price concessions

? ServerCheap.NET ?1?????????????????????

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Mohammed Naji


Great service and they have the best price
And the speeed transaction and delivering

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Samir Costa

Excellent host

Excellent host. Almost none downtime. Recommended for everyone.

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Kyle Smith

Great uptime, great price.

Since starting using ServerCheap two months ago, ServerCheap's KVM1 plan has provided me with great price to performance with no observed downtime.

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Amazing service at incredibly low cost

I´m using for almost 2 years now. No complains at all, and I´m not interested in moving away.

Their service is amazing and support is great too.

Hoping they continue improving their services in the future as they have done so far.

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Joel Burrow

I chose for the price

I chose for the price, but I'm very happy with the service and support I've received.

Best bang for the buck on the planet. Never had any downtime.

I would recommend them to anyone.

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Jonas M.

Great service, especially for this low price. delievers on what they promise for an unbeatable price. I've had a few VPNs so far and since I don't use them for business, I'm not too picky on uptime or quick support.

Despite that, I have yet to experience downtime in the 12 months I've been a customer and each ticket I've sent so far was answered almost instantly! I haven't filed many tickets so far, but they sure beat many of the more expensive services.

The offered bandwidth and resources are generous for this price and I would definitely recommend you give them your business.

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Mr Alaoui

Amazing Service

seriously , the service is amazing , good and fast support

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Cam P

Best Bang for your Buck VPS

I've rented an OpenVZ VPS from Servercheap for many months at far below the price of any competitor I've seen and I have to say I am very pleased. After purchasing, servers from them were up and running in a matter of minutes. All of the admin control panel features work, like reboot/shutdown, HTML5 console, server rebuild, and historical graphs for network, memory, and load. Customer service is very responsive too. This is probably the best place to get great value servers for the price, especially if you get a deal from LEB or a discount code.

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Rania Bennani

The service is amazing

seriously , the service is amazing , ive never had to contact support servic everyting is cristle clear and easy

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Mohamed el hidaoui




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Rob F.

Good Service

I purchased a VPS in August 2017 and since have added one more. I've never had to contact support yet, so I can't comment on if it's good or bad. I purchase cheap unmanaged VPSs, so I don't expect support unless there's a hardware or local network issue, and to date, the servers have been great with expected responsiveness from my location.

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A great value for money

I ordered my VPS from Servercheap.NET about 3 months ago. Although i have my concerns about everything including the name "cheap" in it, this time i was wrong.
These guys proved to be affordable and reliable at the same time, including their support team (opened a couple of tickets and they replied immediately). I am a satisfied customer.

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Mohamed Rizk

Do NOT use ServerCheap. Low quality and no money back guarantee!

Do NOT use ServerCheap. Their network is extremely congested as they seem to be overselling. This is not the worst part though, the worst part is that they offer no money-back guarantee. I contacted their support less than an hour after placing the order to have the instance canceled and be issued a full refund, they ended up canceling the instance and rejecting my refund request!

I am escalating this issue with PayPal and if I don't get my money back I'll consider it a small fee for a lesson learned. From now, any hosting service with no money-back guarantee is a sketchy one and should be avoided regardless of what good promotions they have. It is a trap!

Edit: Their reply below shows what a joke they are. They claim they asked me to offer proof that their network was congested but that never happened. The only communications I received from them was that they are not going to issue a refund.

Now, regarding the cancelation. I did submit a cancelation request as they said. I made it very clear in the request that I demand a full refund and I made sure I submit it in less than 1 hour after receiving the product.

They claim the cancelation process is automated but I highly doubt it as it was not processed immediately. It was processed a few hours later which means a human took a look at it.

Regarding their refund policy. Yes, they do say they do not do refund on their terms of service page which is long and filled with rubbish. They never list it anywhere else. Is that a legal practice? Yes. Is it a sketchy one? Definitely!

Commenting on the PayPal part. Yes, PayPal as denied my claim. Unlike you, I tell the truth and do not try to hide the facts. PayPal is technically not in the wrong. As I mentioned earlier, their TOS states that they do not issue a refund.

The reason I started the PayPal case was that I no longer have access to a product I paid for. A product which I admit that I have submitted a cancelation request for but made sure I state that a cancelation AND a refund was required, not just cancelation.

Now I have to say that I am more than happy you decided to respond to my review here. Your attitude shows how little to no experience you got not just in the hosting business, but also in offering customer support.

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They keep your money and blocks your account.I paid with coinpayments.

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TOTAL SCAM! Kicked off twice within minutes of signing up with no explanation whatsoever.

I am astonished at how incredibly rude and incompetent their customer service is. From what I've seen, it's just one person named 'Nadya' working the entire support department and they very clearly DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. I've been kicked off of the service TWICE with no explanation whatsoever, the first time I was kicked off I hadn't even set up anything on the server. I contacted support both times and received VERY RUDE replies without any sort of explanation of why I was kicked off. It's now been over a month and I still haven't received a refund from either purchase. Plus, most if not all of the positive reviews are fake.

~~~~~ AVOID AT ALL COSTS ~~~~~

(Now watch this; is either going to totally ignore this review and pretend it doesn't exist, or they're going to leave a very rude reply with lame excuses for why I was kicked off TWICE for no reason)

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There are no "unmetered/unlimited bandwidth"

-tested their VPS service @ $2.99/month: fell in ??love??, it was GREAT!
-lowered the VPS size and took a yearly plan
-was VERY happy for 3~4 weeks
-then I noticed a big drop in transfer speed
-opened a ticket to confirm that the uplink was 1Gbits/sec: it was ??
-opened another ticket about low speeds and got this reply: "I am sorry to announce you that your speed has been throttled down" [to 3MB/sec]...
-no prior notification~ I feel like they don't want to serve me
-voiced the fact that I was not happy at all with the discovery+announcement and that at least I could have been notified
-then I tried to discuss with them to increase the VPS size to lift the limits [I did not mind upgrading + was looking for a settlement and a working server]
-received a full refund of my yearly plan, got kicked out, customer account closed, VPS+data deleted, data lost: again~ no prior notice/notification (what a habit!). Thanks! ?
-they did not want to serve me~are you next?

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Worst and worst

worst and worst

I cant reply what u said

how spam email ?? are u kidding me ??
this my name on ur site norya

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Support response is very poor

support response is very poor

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Beyond being cheap

Beyond being cheap, one of the worst companies i have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Zero customer service, zero professionalism. Only good if you are a total expert in your field and stay on top of your site every single day...
The customer service is rude, and offers answers in 6 words or less.
Whatever you do, look elsewhere!!!!!!!!

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