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ABOUT INTERSERVERWhile times may change, our commitment to our customers never waivers! has been providing webhosting services for the past 21 years. Although technology has changed from the time we started in 1999, our core principles of quality, service, and support have remained the same. Our company has evolved its product offering to include Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Quick Servers, and Dedicated Servers along with colocation services to continue to exceed our customers' expectations and remain BEST IN CLASS.

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Centos
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Debian

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  • CPanel
  • DirectAdmin


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Wheat Communications

Interserver is a top-level hosting…

Interserver is a top-level hosting company that competes with big names in hosting for a fraction of the price. They allow us as a small business to offer impressive services at affordable prices. And their customer support during regular business hours is far better and offers a personal touch that makes a customer feel like they're not just another number.
We moved from one of the biggest names in hosting to Interserver a few years ago and the difference is night and day.
Thank you, Interserver, for everything you do.

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???? ????

It's very excellent

it's very excellent

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Keiran Chippendale

I think its fine

I think its fine
Its awsome everything good its to good that i cant explane how good it is

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Joseph P

Stellar product performance and customer experience

I have accounts at godaddy, doteasy, poweruphosting (now defunct), bluehost and fxvm (Vps). None of these compare to the price to performance ratio of Inerserver. My quad core, 16GB dedicated server costs $90 per month which runs over 90 complex cbots. Narry a hiccup. Compare this with the competition that would charge $279 for a started dedicated package.

Customer service personel respond to queries and upgrades within the day. All web documentation is straightforward without misleading promos.

Happy camper- will be a long term client

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Jim Rhodes

Outstanding In All Departments

I've been with Interserver for 6 months and can't say enough good things about them.

I have a small VPS which has been running great, and hella cheap! I especially like their "slices" upgrade system where you can simply add or remove hardware resources with the click of a mouse whenever you like.

I've had a couple of obscure system config issues that I've needed help with, and the tech support has been fantastic. They really take ownership of the problem and will continue to follow up until the issue is resolved.

I would also like to mention the default/free Webuzo control panel that comes with the VPS. I've been using cPanel/WHM for many years, but I thought I'd give Webuzo a go to see what it was like before paying extra for cPanel. Turns out I love it. Does everything I want and feels easier to use than the cPanel system.

Even with the cheapest package you can set your own reverse DNS via the main Interserver panel. Nice!

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Mike M

I have had for over 5…

I have had for over 5 years on some accounts, have currently 8 separate host accounts either as non-profit and for profit accounts, one VPS - 99.9% up time - I highly recommend.,as i've dealt with others (goDaddy, Arvixe) which were horrible. If you have issues- ticket chat - response has usually been less than an hour even if they say 1 to 3. Sometimes we make errors and we need our host provider to bail us out. they do...Thanks guys.

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Tee Jee

Great Hosting Services, but .........

Honestly, high quality shared hosting with very reasonable price and great customer services.

However, their affiliate program = just kidding program for me,
I promoted my affiliate links for a year on my blogs AND signature.

Their simple clarification are:
'....this web hosting packages is not enough money for us to pay you $100 referral fee. '.

Yes, I understand it.$5 /month = $60/year, but they are offering $100 referral fee for it, WHY?

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Legit Ejesgist

No down time

No down time, cheap Rate, no hinden fee, reliable

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Sergey Yakovel

Asome team

Asome team, but dont chat with them, only call. When you call, they super asome.

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This is a good hosting company when it…

This is a good hosting company when it comes to speed and uptime amazing price best deal on the net.. The affiliate program is a scam ..DO NOT send them clients the affiliates program is a scam they stole 2 clients from me the first one paid for the whole year and then afterwards they told me the it was my account they lied just so they did not have to pay me, and the the second client the three months were up and they were supposed to pay me and i just checked my affiliate account and the client disappeared great host but the people who run it are greedy and they steal your money.

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Martin Guy

Four years of perfection

Over the last four years, no problems at all, fast response from technical support, even for technically deep issues, good rates, OK 24/7 and you can do most things from the web control interface.

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Mustafa shaheen

Best web hosting

Fast and reliable hosting with best customer support ever
Highly recommended

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Interserver is in my opinion one of the…

Interserver is in my opinion one of the best hosters, that i ever used.
The prices and the performance are perfect. The support is also perfect. I never had any problem with that host, i wrote a ticket, the ticket was solved in minutes.

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Zeal Web Technologies

Awesome service and support

Awesome service and support

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Outstanding customer service!

I purchased a Webhosting package from InterServer a few months ago and couldn’t be more happy! After signing up I didn’t receive email with my password for cpanel and few other details so I decided to contact them on their live chat and that was the moment I saw professionalism! the person who I chatted to was able to quickly help me with my problem and in minutes I had the cPanel password and was able to change it, also no matter what question I asked the adviser he was able to quickly give me an answer that would be more then satisfying. The hosting itself it’s brilliant , good quality and fast servers loaded with plenty options , if you like installing ready scripts then softaculous is the way to go - it’s packed with scripts installations(blogs,cms, calerndars etc). Genuinely outstanding customer service!

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Mantas “Man7as” Lenkauskas

I have been with them for over 3 years …

I have been with them for over 3 years with 2domains and had many issues where almost all been dealt super fast. Issues not related to performance, uptime, was good.

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Dan Como

Simply awful

Simply awful - the simple things dont work.
When you ask why they send you gibberish reply's and unhelpful.
Based in USA - I THINK NOT!!! Stay away save your money - you get what you pay for - I will never been paying for budget hosting again!!!!

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Their dedicated servers are limited at 30Mbps but they only say it has 10Gbps port and never talk about the limitation. This is ridiculous. Never use their service.

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Chat support is absolutely abysmal! Poor and unprofessional

Chat support is absolutely abysmal! It's like trying to explain to a 3-year-old your simple problem, they don't understand clear English and simple technical problems that would take real technical support seconds to resolve from there end. Luckily I only use my hosting for my business emails (email hosting) and not hosting my business e-commerce site because we'd lose a ton in sales! If your looking for a simple site for a hobby then maybe go with these, if your looking for a professional web hoster for your business AVOID like the plague.

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Najmul Laskar


Today i have purchased a domain ($1.9) and hosting plan ($1) (three month plan) from 'INTERSERVER.NET'. Clearly it was showing that the total amount is 2.9 usd. But my bank send me message that $ 1+11=12 usd debited. They told me 'withing three hours it will resolve. But getting terrible response. Here is the conversation :

Me : You have charged usd 12 instead of 2.9usd
InterServer : Hello, we can add $9 dollars to prepay funds, you can use these funds in the future. Or we can issue partial refund as well.

Me : No, refund the amount 9usd to the my bank.
InterServer : We will issue a partial refund once the payment settles.

Me : Why partial?

And now waiting for there response.
Ticket ID : VWN-244-37285

Najmul Laskar

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Denver barry

Inerterserver and Daphnisys fail to correct problems.

Daphnisys Technologies built and hosted my application. My application needed corrections and I was ignored. Then my site went down. I discovered the hosting was switched or transferred to interserver. Interserver has reused to correct the problem and refused to give me answers. My site is still down. I talked to agent on phone twice. He promised to correct problems and to inform me as to what the problem is. He lied. I am being ignored. Terrible service. This company refuses to correct problems. I feel like I’m being scammed.

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Faisal Hassan

INTERSERVER slowly towards Ridiculous!

With them for many years. For beginning they were good but after that poor chat support, very non-serious and careless what is happening with their clients.

Live CHAT always annoyed you because whenever we tried it just wait and wait with "Please, wait for the next available agent"..WHENEVER. and finally on email you hear that there is rush on support. They must focus on live chat technical support as before they were.

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Ok for one domain, not good for more

Ok for one website, but I needed a second one a few months after the first one, and even after I paid for it, none of the website building applications found the domain, so I could not build the website for that domain even after paying for it. I asked for my money back.

Their chat customer service reps are offshore, and didn't know how to help me.

Cant possibly understand how they have so many positive reviews.

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Chris Hellon

Horrendous service.

I chose to use Interserver as i'd read good things about them online. I was looking for a quick turn around to get my website live within a day, oh how I was wrong.

I purchased Web Hosting on 3/10/2019 using PayPal, the total cost was $60.99 for 1 year hosting and domain registration, I thought this was reasonable. Having tried to pay with PayPal I received an error message saying the transaction was not successful, no worries, i'll pay with credit card instead. That transaction succeeded, at least I thought it did. I checked my bank account, and it was actually the PayPal transaction that succeeded and not my credit card. This already had me worried, and concerned about where my money had gone.

I waited all afternoon hoping the transaction would go through, which it did in the late afternoon. I kept refreshing my Interserver admin page to see if my hosting was enabled yet. Nope. Two days later, I receive and email stating they were unable to apply $47.01 to my invoice, despite the money being physically taken out of my bank at this point. How is this even possible?!

I spoke to an advisor on live chat who directed me to an invoice page, which showed I need to pay an additional $6.99 for domain registration, for the same domain i'd already paid for!

It's now 4 days after I purchased hosting, and i've still not had it approved yet. I'll be cancelling the hosting and domain as I really don't trust this company. Stay away, and use a more reputable provider.

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Dalia Sued

Tengo casi un mes fuera de línea porque…

Tengo casi un mes fuera de línea porque estas personas me hicieron una migración mal hecha:

1. Hicieron una migración de Siteground a Interserver la cual nunca me ha funcionado, porque la API que conecta los plugins no funciona, no puedo conectar JetPack y por ende tampoco VaultPress porque es un pre requisito.
2. Mi plugin de seguridad no funciona no hace nada.
3. Mi sitio me aparece en línea solo a mí, Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.. no lo reconocen dicen que no esta en línea, a pesar de que todas las etiquetas están donde deben estar.
4. Lo último que me han dicho es que no pueden hacer la migración manual del sitio (la cual solicite desde el principio y nadie me hizo caso), tal como dijo una persona aquí tienen un servicio al cliente pésimo y nunca terminas lo que comienzas con la misma persona, por lo que un día uno te dice que si y al otro día el otro te dice que no o te pregunta la misma tontería, son tan bárbaros que compre el plan de 4 slides porque quería la instalación porque no sabía como hacerla, y luego me dicen que contacte a mi desarrollador, cuando específicamente les dije que el sitio lo hice yo y lo manejo yo, pero para ganar tiempo, hacen de todo.
5. A los pocos días pedí la cancelación y la devolución de mi dinero y me han tenido un mes diciendo estupideces para que no cancele la cuenta.
6. Ya no puedo más con esta empresa con pésimo servicio, por lo que estoy cancelando mi servicio, al dueño parece no interesarle la atención al cliente, porque si mandas un correo a ventas, te responde el mismo que te ha hecho el lío y que no te resuelve el problema.

I have almost a month offline because these people made me a poorly done migration:

1. They made a migration from Siteground to Interserver which has never worked for me, because the API that connects the plugins does not work, I cannot connect JetPack and therefore also VaultPress because it is a prerequisite.
2. My security plugin does not work does nothing.
3. My site appears online only to me, Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. .. they don't recognize it they say it's not online, even though all the tags are where they should be.
4. The last thing they have told me is that they cannot do the manual migration of the site (which I requested from the beginning and nobody paid attention to me), as one person said here has a lousy customer service and you never finish what you start with the same person, so one day one tells you that yes and the next day the other says no or asks you the same nonsense, they are so barbaric that I bought the 4-slides plan because I wanted the installation, because I did not know how do it, and then they tell me to contact my developer, when I specifically told them that I did the site and I manage it myself, but to save time, they do everything.
5. A few days later I asked for the cancellation and the return of my money and I have had a month saying stupid things so that I do not cancel the account.
6. I can no longer with this company with lousy service, so I am canceling my service, the owner does not seem to be interested in customer service, because if you send an email to sales, answers the same person that made a mess and and that didn't solve the problem,

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Interserver is Thief

Beware of this company. They are thieves, I bought VPS # 118329 and cancelled on 15 Sep. They over charged me two months despite cancellation. Also in the past, they charged double invoices in a single month, and when I snapped them they just said sorry. They are credit card thieves, better buy from any other service provider. I will take them to court soon.

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Veritas & Elpis

Warning about Interserver / Host Department

Things started well when I bought hosting from Interserver but soon went bad, very bad. First, my site was in the bottom 2% for upload speeds in Australia, and not good elsewhere. Second, Interserver tehn farmed out their "support" to a terrible 3rd party center in India!!! The support was so bad that they did not even know what cpanel my Interserver account used. So I left them, then their management started posting nasty negative reviews about my business as if they were a customer of mine. Truly, you need to avoid these "people" at all costs.

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Andrew Davidson

I signed up for thier service only to …

I signed up for their service only to find out that I would have to change my operating system from windows 10 to linux in order to load open source software like Joomla commerce sites etc. #when I tried to get a refund and cancellation they were not interested

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