Vultr $2.50 - $640.00

Vultr, founded in 2014, is on a mission to empower developers and businesses by simplifying the deployment of infrastructure via its advanced cloud platform. Vultr is strategically located in 17 datacenters around the globe and provides frictionless provisioning of public cloud, storage and single-tenant bare metal.

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Centos
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • FreeBSD
  • Debian

Control Panels

  • CPanel
  • Plesk
  • Webmin


  • Unmanaged

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High quality VPS provider

Vultr offers various options for your vps needs. I run TF2 servers using Vultr and I had no problems with lag of any sort. Vultr doesn't lock you into a contract so you don't have to make a commitment with your VPS. Vultr allows you to configure your vps to suite your needs from the firewall to the OS that's installed on the VPS.

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Affordable price, Good performance, No downtime. Also, their support is pretty decent. Reccomend for small projects.

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Oscar Kay

I am using Vultr services for a long…

I am using Vultr services for a long while. Their Pricing is very affordable and worth for the money.

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Great for business hosting

Been with for my corporate sites for a couple years now. Tried them all 1&1, siteground, digital ocean, azure, amazon, linode, and ovh. Vultr is the best, for sites where you are technical and still want a gui.

The new servers, High Frequency Compute are nice and fast, great price, I switched over from the regular cloud ones to this and really think its worth the little bit more in terms of price. Like that you can also get plesk for free for 3 domains, I have the paid one but its so great being able to control your server- unlike places like siteground- where everyday there is a new error or some kind of issue with people connecting to your site, and you cannot fix it yourself but have to talk to support.

If you are shopping for a new host, try them out before putting the site into production, I think you will be happy.

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Md Salehin Khan

Awesome Service!

Awesome Service!
Been using Vultr over two years. till now not a single glitch on my Servers from there end.

Keep up the good work Vultr!

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Excellent VPS host

Excellent VPS host, been using for about 3 years now never had a problem, all the complaints below about poor customer service are due to people who cannot grasp the fact that unmanaged means unmanaged, they will not fix problems caused by poor user setup.
The servers are fast and reliable, no noticeable downtime in 3 years.
People who have their accounts closed for reasons like 'Abuse' are actually abusing the network, sending spam, running VPN's to use for torrenting/piracy etc, their own fault 100%

They have loads of different operating systems and apps available for use, more than any other host as far as I can tell.

Just try them, you won't be disappointed, unless you know nothing about Linux and expect them to fix all your problems for you.

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Naija Goat

Have used them for over 1 year now and…

Have used them for over 1 year now and i have had only one downtime which from my 20 years experience is inevitable, even amazon lightsail gave me downtimes before i moved to vultr.

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Bithi Sunny

I/o performance is not good with there…

i/o performance is not good with there 4GB Compute Cloud than i tried moving to there new NVMe and got good i/o performance

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Reliable and consistent

Been with them for over two years and never once had a problem with downtime or performance degradation. From my experience their network is fast, their hardware is of good quality and their customer support is responsive. As a business I am reluctant to move anywhere cheaper because this company is very reliable and consistent.

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It's ok

It's ok, but the storage availability is way to expensive!

The service overall is ok.

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George Margin

Excellent cloud hosting provider and…

Excellent cloud hosting provider and offers bare metal servers, something that DigitalOcean and Linode do not offer. Been with them for 2 years now and can't fault them.

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Paulius (Paulius)

Great Vps provider

Great Vps provider, been with them since the start!
Vultr/Digitalocean/Linode same quality service!

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Tiago Vaz

Great Hosting

Great Hosting, but high prices.

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SEOsatu (Andreas)

Good server vps

good server vps , fast & secured

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Krasimir Velichkov

Excellent services

Excellent services. I've been using them for some time and everything that they offer is perfect.

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I have used Vultr for a little while…

I have used Vultr for a little while now. Their prices are a bit high, but their overall server performance is the best I have used so far. They have many locations to pick from, and everything has gone great so far.

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Casual use is ok

Service is good despite the occasional "reboots" due to "hardware issues". Would not put critical services on Vultr but for a cheap & casual VPS they are fine.

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Peter D

One of many providers I have a VPS…

One of many providers I have a VPS with. Prices are decent and service has been reliable. Haven't had to use their support so can't comment on that but server has been up since I first purchased and deployed it.

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Himanshu Dhiraj Mishra

Slow support and too many unwanted policies

Support is slow and sometimes you feel trouble with their policies.

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George Papadopolous

Not the cheapest option on the market

Not the cheapest option on the market, but never had any issues with them. Everything went smoothly and completely automated.

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Reischl C

Tested far to many other hosters

hi, changed to vultr 2 weeks agoe with 3 locations and its realy blazing fast. i only pay what i use and can't understand others here give 1 star - realy there should be more communication between people write bad reviews. i got my problem with exobyte and showed all what happens in chat screens. last 2 weeks was testing dediserve, aws, layerstack (actualy also very fast but only in asia),, hosteurope, strato, 1and1, and ovh all server located in singapore and my result was with extrem performance to all of them vultr. linod was my 2nd choice but there backend was not that modern simplyfied.

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My 3 vps for websites worked just fine…

My 3 vps for websites worked just fine for 6 months. Though, their support is a simply bad - too long to reply and lots of canned messages. When I had some not standard question they took a week to solve the problem.
Now I moved and don't feel any sorry.

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Everything is automated, runs smoothly and is of great value.

Honestly have nothing to complain about. If anything, I love this service.

- Neatly designed control panel with all the features I could want/need: instance summaries, resource usage, backups, DDoS protection on/off, snapshots, DNS, settings (IPv4/IPv6, private networking, rDNS, Firewall, Hostname, Plan, etc.), block storage, etc, etc.
- Custom OSes supported. (Upload your own ISO.)
- KVM style console access to your VM. Love this. Essential for custom OS installation but also very handy if your VM loses internet access (misconfiguration/other) and you need to bring it back up.
- VMs are quick and easy to deploy.
- Everything runs like clockwork.
- IRC bouncers allowed.
- Good value.
- Charged by the hour.

I love that last feature. If you mess something up in your VM, with a lot of the other hosts you got to start over and pay another overlapping monthly fee. Not with Vultr. I messed up my custom OS install, deleted the instance and re-installed. Only lost a few cents, not a whole month's worth of fees (~$25). ** I'm not encouraging carelessness but that it's good to have peace of mind of knowing you won't lose a lot of money for a mistake that requires redeployment of an instance.

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Danyal Manzar

Good service

Good service. Reliable servers and decent pricing with lots of payment options. Could be cheaper that is the only reason for 4 stars.

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Frank L

Great company!

Amazing service, understanding staff and a great server experience.

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Until now I use some small VPS at 1GB…

Until now I use some small VPS at 1GB or 2GB. Performance is great, and support is really very fast and direct.

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Excellent service and support!

Excellent service and support!

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Perfect Performance-Wise

I will not discuss their support or replies that they given out, since they are an unmanaged hosting and are not obliged to give any explanations or such but their performance on the servers are very good and they have not disappointed me yet.
5 months with Vultr hosting my personal application on a LAMP installment.

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Works good in general

Works good in general, What i don't like is that they are very secretive about their RAID configuration and topics on their forum are removed about it.

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Frederik L

Im a happy user and running a discourse …

Im a happy user and running a discourse forum on a server.

I would like to be able to downgrade but else is perfect.

Fast and up!

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Been using Vultr for a few years now

Been using Vultr for a few years now. Have not really had much trouble and what I have had was fixed fairly quickly. This is a DIY setup, so you are responsible for your setup and I understood and architected my solution around that. Have only had a couple of minor down times, nothing more than expected. The setup is pretty easy and getting a new server online is very fast. The only downside right now is that their block storage is not available in Dallas, hopefully that will change soon.

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Declan Marks

Very good service

I don't know how people can give this service one star. I have had very good experience with their support. I get a response either same day or next. There VPS have better bandwidth than OVH, Arubacloud and digitalocean. Best VPS I have used by far.

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Rasanjana Dilan

Very Good Comapany

Very Good Company. I'm use since 5 months. no issue. no down times. love it :)

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Mads Mortensen

Great Service!

Hey! If you are reading this is probably because you are trying to get into VPS, Dedicated or other kinda servers. Vultr is a great place to order a dedicated server. I have one there myself. My server is setup with free DDoS protection and it got a running Exile Arma 3 server running 24/7 on it. I have NEVER experienced any downtime or lag. I will recommend this 100% for a stable and cheap dedicated server.

//CCG Owner

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Steve I

Hardware failure and total loss of VPS…

Hardware failure and total loss of Seattle VPS after only a few months of being a customer. Vultr admitted no fault and offered a 2 month credit for the inconvenience of losing a server. AVOID at all costs

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Dan Gruziwsko

They suspended my server

they suspended my server, they said that i have few hours, like 48 hours or something like that for send them some kind of proof that i resolved the problem, the problem was email spam on the server, but the server send just few bounced emails per day, no big number and for that they broke my business, coz they turned off my server after 48 hours, they wanted proof that i resolved the problem, but im busy and can't react so fast on this type situation and this why i can't recommend this type of services coz their privacy for suspending servers is fast compare with Amazon who will block just sending emails and not whole server..until this incident i was happy, but now i migrate servers to different provider..i deleted my account already..

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Avoid like COVID - Downtime is awful.

Avoid like COVID. Washing my hands of them when I can finally get access back to my servers. 6 hours offline since 12pm today where their datacentre in London has been completely offline. Over 65 websites offline causing huge losses in revenue. Support? What support. Not even a reply or estimate of when service will resume. Blaming it on a power issue... you're a multi-million £ hosting business based in London. There should be proper failover measures in place!!

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They Closed my account with no reason

They ask me for Id card photo and credit card photo and proof of address but they suspended and closed my account.Be aware they let you use their service once you start working they will close your account even if you give them all what they need.

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We got throttled after a week of usage…

We got throttled after a week of usage on their biggest instance. Here was there message:


"We have set resource limits on the VPS subscription at xxx.x.x.xx due to multiple occasions of high resource utilization that were impacting the performance for other customers on the same host node. If you need to make extensive use of the host CPU, disk, and/or network resources, please consider using our dedicated (VDC) or bare metal products. These alternatives would avoid affecting the performance of other customer's activities.

You may petition to have these limits removed by maintaining consistently lower utilization for one week and then replying to this ticket.

Thank you for understanding."

We received no notification and this caused material downtime

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Christina from Inbound Summit

Terrible overseas support that doesn't…

Terrible overseas support that doesn't care to help when you can't ping the server you ordered from them taking your business down for 24 hours, standard reply they simply do not care! They should be avoided at any cost go for Digital Ocean which they copied seems to be a better case!!!

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One of our ex-developers used this…

One of our ex-developers used this service. We paid using our paypal, on the developer's account. Developer left, we didn't have access to his account a year later. Then we asked for an invoice. They wouldn't provide one, and they didn't even understand our basic request. We provided all the required information (proof of payment, transaction ID, account email) and they refused to acknowledge our request. Beyond useless. Unhelpful. Too many alternatives. Pick any biz that isn't Vultr.

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Sinan Bektas


They just suspended a total of 9 servers due to a non-essential complaint on one server.

An incredibly ridiculous event! moreover i am a payer for 3 years

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Technical Administration

They ripped me 100$ and deactivating…

They ripped me 100$ and deactivating the account/server without a contact and an issue... they also doesn't refund!

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Aneko Hoshi

Very bad, LQ

I used Vultr for a while, but I'm very disappointed. Customer service is worst and servers are not well-performing. I prefer Digitalocean and will never use Vultr again! I even recommended to my friends and Vultr never paid my referral balance, fraudsters. Stay away!

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Hiten Mehra

Long ago

Long ago, I terminated the server but they put a fake VPS server and kept changing and deducting from my account for last 3 months. Now when i reported the issue, they are asking me to pay remaining amount USD 0.16 before they close the account.

This is really pathetic company.

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Hastomo Tjandra

Bad review

bad review, they just banned you with reason abusing etc. stole my money

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Bryson Conway

Terrible Company

I was, first getting this to test some stuff out I gave 5$ VIA pay-pal to Verify and get their 50$ credit offer the credit never showed I made a ticket stating so they said they didn't get a payment, I accidentally signed up 2 accounts one day, not against their TOS they then said it was and terminated both accounts 0 Refund ever sent to me or my pay-pal.

Since refunded still terrible

Highly advise against!

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Terry Terry

Switched to them just to figure out…

Switched to them just to figure out that their IP range seems to be blacklisted at a lot of other providers which makes them completely useless for me as I need reliability on not being blacklisted.

When diving deeper into the reasons, it looks like they are a prime provider for spammers, scammers and cyber criminals and their abuse department does not work on anything / sends all complaints directly to /dev/null.

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Jonas Madsen

Extremely bad quality.

extremely bad quality.

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Net Kingz
07/16/2019 SCAM - Want to throw your money? better of flushing it down the toilet

I have hosted with numerous web hosting providers in the last 20 years. Vultr is a PURE scam. Better off going with a more reputable provider.

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Potentially scammers

After 2 weeks of creation my account were blocked without recover possibility, because i didn't pass them "additional verification". I was far away from my desktop pc and simply could not print all the papers which them required.

So, i registred second account, transferred my money from other credit card and what your thinking?... "Your account is been closed", after couple days. Again.

The funny thing is that the mandatory verification clauses are not listed in their ToS.

I lost some amount of my money, week and nerves. Do not advise use their services, unless if you wanna play in russian roulete.

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Very bad customer support.

Very bad customer support.

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Andy Banzon


recently i was host in vultr after few days they need a credit card credentials and i ask them to chargeback or refund all of the amount was used no reply until now why they need my cc credentials super sucks host ever!

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The servers are very powerful but their…

The servers are very powerful but their support is terrible. An unmanaged host is required to provide working hardware and network connectivity. I have had a VPS mysteriously keep losing its IP address and the support team kept trying to blame me and that I somehow am breaking it when I haven't even logged in to this server. The IP loss has happened so many times now that I have to move to another host. Seriously disappointed, if they had staff that actually knew how to troubleshoot and read then they would be in a much better position.

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M Bosst

Keeps on charging card without a word, not possible to close account

I ran a small server for a private VPN. After a couple of months, I stopped using it, so I removed my credit card figuring out it would shut down.
Ten months later I check my card statement only to find out that they kept charging me during the whole time. During that time I didn't get a single email from them containing billing info. Up to now, I haven't been able to close my account or delete my credit card.

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Ronald Steven

New server instance took over 30minutes

The new server instance deployment took over 30minutes to finish, very bad support saying it is still in progress. And I have to pay for it waiting for the server to be ready.

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Florian Grüninger

Too many outages

Too many outages. Worst support ever.

Their "100% Uptime Guarantee" is a joke.

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Yaron J

What a horrible scammy company

What a horrible scammy company.
I joined with their massively advertised campaign of free 50$ credits to try the service.
Not 3 days go by and the credits suddenly disappear from my account for no reason, and I have a debt of 5$ to them.
But wait, that's not even the absurd part - They actually sent me a notification email that said I must fill a ridiculous form with all of my most personal and private details, AND send them a copy of my ID. They also stated that if I won't comply within 24 hours they will charge my credit card 75$ to cover my balance's debt. Really? 75$ for a 5$ debt? nice one.

Been waiting for a day now for them to reply, hopefully they will do the right thing and delete my account and my credit card information.

Stay away from them like fire. Bad service, managing themselves like a scam, you won't be able to delete your credit card details once you put it in.
You've been warned!

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4 Times in the past week the "Node" has…

4 Times in the past week the "Node" has had problems, this has caused my website to be offline until they fix the problem and when I have access to my computer to restart the VPS. Contacted support, which did nothing. And happened again 2 days later.

When upgrading my VPS, it had a Centos error, which they said is common when upgrading and had the cheek for me to follow a 10 step guide to fix it. No point upgrading, it's easier just to leave. Much better on the market at a cheaper price.

The host is nothing special, support takes 5-10 mins which is good, but they will not do anything for you, even if it's their fault.

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Super slow/laggy

Super slow/laggy, especially for a supposed SSD. Very expensive at $25/month for their cheapest option (10x the bait and switch adverts, and more than double the price of competitors. Customer service is non responsive after asking for a refund. They refuse to take calls. All around, a terrible company. Stay far away!

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I got several good looking offers…

I got several good looking offers trough advertisements. Turns out none of the promises made in those ads were true. According to their ads you'll get credit for signing up so you can try the services.

This is not true, you'll have to pay regardless. In fact I've got multiple accounts and neither of them have gotten anything that was offered. however I am not allowed to delete anything.

As for the servers themselves, I wouldn't be surprised if what they spend on their hardware reflects their manipulative marketing strategy.

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Madison Aubrey

They are thiefs

They are thiefs, my servers are all off yet they keep on charging me 20 to 30 dollars per server for no reason every single month.. At the beginning they said we will charge you only on usage and when servers are off you wont be charged. SCAMMERS, STAY AWAY FROM VULTR

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Antonio Von Car

Wiped out over $6

This company has almost no customer service at all. Their technical service offered (virtual machine hosting) is i grant you, acceptable, but when I was changing banks recently my account was in arrears $6 they sent me a terse email threatening to delete my servers without notice. Hundreds of hours work down the drain over $6.

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Harassing me after i stopped paying

Harassing me after i stopped paying, extremely annoying

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User Name

I knew their support was god awful but this is on a whole other level

I knew their support was god awful before coming in. But hey! I don't need support because I'm a professional sysadmin! So I went with that.

First sour experience: ISO installation is an all around poor experience. Avoided it as much as I can. I feel like I boot a server into raw RAM easier than booting an ISO. But whatever, I rarely need anything more than vanilla ubuntu. So it's okay.

Second sour experience: When boot up a server, you're playing the roulette. 50% of the time your server is will be slow af. Can be dealt with multiple attempts. Annoying but manageable.

Now, if that were it I would give it maybe 3 or even 4 stars as all issues are possible to deal with without having to deal with Vultr Support (Which is an oxymoron).


I was running a heavy processing script on a dedicated instance for which I paid 60$/month. Vultr decided to violently shut it down because they THOUGHT that was my instance was compromised and doing DoS attacks, which was not the case.

At first I explained the situation, waiting a day and resumed operations. Then they shut it down AGAIN, this time CORRUPTING THE DISK! Worse yet, it was done by their system administrator (Joshua Brand). The inhouse system administrator is incompetent. What does this say about the company? I was able to save the day with fsck.

I lost time, I lost money and I have lost my patience with vultr. AVOID!

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A Future

These people are just stealing money …

These people are just stealing money from you. They advertise one thing, get money and tell you it has sold out and quote you 5 times the amount. The problem is they take the money BEFORE telling you can't give you what you want although you select it before giving money.

These are a joke and to be warned stay well away from them. Should have read the reviews beforehand. :-(

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Roger Green

Absolutely shocking, please steer clear of these idiots.

Absolutely shocking.

We missed one of their emails by one hour and they destroyed the whole sever, costing us a lot of money because it's only possible for us to backup once per week.

We lost databases and orders and our printed material was instantly rendered worthless, all because we couldn't respond to a poxy email within three days.

If you don't want to be treated appallingly, go elsewhere.

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Edata team

Worst webhosting ever

worst webhosting ever

after I paid 50$ they close my account because I sent email

try to contacted with them many times but they keep telling my about police


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Very bad support

Very bad and slow support..

I could not even order a server because my account was banned without a reason. I created a second account to contact the support (1 week ago). Now (after 7 days!!) I got an answer that they don't want to host a server because of my activity.
I don't understand which activity they mean, but yea.. bad hoster.

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Lawrence Shaw

Terminated services without prior notification

I was a happy customer for 1 year then one day they terminated my VPS completely because of a temporary 80% CPU load spike. Really, what? They advertise KVM VPS's with dedicated resources? Far from being true. Sent tickets to ask for a reactivation but they had already completely deleted the VPS, all data lost and fortunately I had a local backup, 1 month old though. Either do not trust them or if you use them keep frequent backups.

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