A completely free virtual private server (VPS) for one year!

Posted by Victor on 06/30/2020

Are you wanting to dip your toes in to Linux server management? Want to start a website but have very little money for hosting? Atlantic.net is offering a free lower tier VPS absolutely free for just one year.

Go check...

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Do you really need a VPS? Can you get by with just shared hosting?

Posted by Victor on 06/29/2020

The answer here can vary based on quite a few factors. Like

1. What are you hosting?

2. How much CPU will require?

3. What kind of memory requirements are needed?

4. Is a long running or cron script?

A virtual private server (VPS) is necessary when you will be running perm-running or...

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What is VPS Radar?

Posted by Victor on 06/25/2020

VPSRadar was started as a way to dig through all of the noise and confusing options available for Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Our mission is to aggregate as much information as possible about as many VPS providers and attaching honest & useful reviews about the service.

As an independant entity and not tied to any one provider,...

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